Epsilon Mu

College of William and Mary

Delta Gamma

Recruitment Events

Formal Recruitment is a 2-weekend process that we strive to make fun, not stressful! Recruitment at William and Mary happens in four "rounds," and is a process of elimination based on your preferences as you visit each of the 9 houses. 

Open House

On these days, you will have the opportunity to visit the DG sisters at our cozy house on Richmond Road. You will talk to us one-on-one, and learn a little about us while we learn a little more about you! This is the ultimate opportunity for first impressions and to get our 'vibe.'


Philanthropy Day

This all-important day is dedicated exclusively to learning about the work we do for our philanthropy, Service for Sight. You will even get to help us Do Good by participating in an activity as part of a service project! 

Skit Night

This night is incredibly fun, as we put on a little performance for you that we hope will give you a better understanding of who we are as individuals and as a group. We have quite the show in store for you!


Preference Night

We can't reveal much about this night at the house, but rest assured, it is a formal and intimate affair that prefaces your decision to join a sisterhood.