Social Events

Delta Gamma is dedicated to "fostering the highest ideals of friendship." Here at W&M, we often choose to do this over a place of cheese fries at a local eatery during our many planned social events. These optional events come in many fun formats, each with a different, special purpose:

Inter-Organization Socials occur almost every weekend, and give women the opportunity to converse with people from around campus they might otherwise not meet. We plan these events with organizations like fraternities and club/varsity sports. Often themed, always fun, and always full of food, Social nights are a great thing to look forward to after a week of studies. 

Date Parties happen a few times a semester, and everyone loves them. Each woman is given an opportunity to bring a friend to these events. Familiar faces from around campus- and often times from far off campus!- gather under the same roof. Lots of meeting, greeting, and bonding happens as women get to introduce their friends to their sisters! 

(Some Delta Gammas and friends at an ice skating date party in 2017)

Sisterhood events are extremely special. While Socials and Date parties stretch our social boundaries and make our organization well-rounded, it's these events that bring our DGs back to center. Sisterhood events include things like decorating cupcakes, carving pumpkins, and watching movies (with pizza) in the company of sisters. Seniors, freshmen, and every sister in between is welcome to come and talk to sisters who, in an organization of about 100 people, they may not have gotten to know as well. 

In addition to the relatively frequent Socials, Date Parties, and Sisterhood Events, Delta Gamma also hosts a Formal Dance every semester! Every woman gets to bring a friend and dance the night away at an off-campus venue. As with every DG event, there is fun and food-- except this time, it's fancy.